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1-1 Nutrition and Health Coaching Support

I offer support with a variety of different health conditions and symptoms, with a special interest in Women’s Health and Digestive Health.

Women's Health support includes:

PMS and Menstrual cycle support, PCOS, Endometriosis, Weight fluctuations, Low energy, Menopause and more.

Digestive Health support includes:

IBS related symptoms; constipation, diarrhoea, gas, bloating and acid reflux. IBD and more.

Alongside supporting individuals in these areas, I also provide:

• Nutrition education and recommendations; assessing potential nutrient deficiencies and making relevant dietary changes

• Supplement information and recommendations

• Functional testing if necessary

• Exciting and varied meal ideas and recipes to keep you feeling satisfied and fulfilled

• Stress, sleep and self-care guidance to improve quality of life


See my packages below. Each plan is personalised to a clients individual needs, and provides an evidence-based approach to nutrition for optimal health and wellbeing.

Step one would be to book a free discovery call:

a 20 minute, no obligation free call, as an opportunity to discuss your current health and goals; a ‘get to know you’ session, to see if I am the right fit for you.


From here, if you are interested in working together, choose from my 1-1 Nutritional Therapy package or the 6 or 8 session 1-1 Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching package - more information below.


1-1 Nutritional Therapy Package

The Nutritional Therapy package includes an Initial Consultation, in which I gather a thorough case, exploring family and past medical history, diet, lifestyle, current symptoms and health goals.

Using this information I create a detailed nutritional plan, including diet, lifestyle, supplement and potential functional testing recommendations, well suited to you as an individual. The plan will be realistic and maintainable, in line with your current circumstances.

We discuss all recommendations together in detail, with time for you to ask questions.

After 6-8 weeks, a follow up appointment is arranged to review your progress and make new recommendations if necessary.

The 1-1 Nutritional Therapy package includes:

  • 90-minute Initial Consultation
  • Detailed nutritional plan, including diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations
  • 45-minute call to discuss nutritional plan and ask any questions
  • A resource pack to help get you started, providing informative handouts linked to your plan, meal ideas and recipes
  • Email access for support between initial and follow up sessions
  • 60-minute follow up appointment, providing new recommendations if necessary

The Nutritional Therapy tells you ‘what to do’ and Health Coaching shows you ‘how to do it’.

1-1 Nutritional Therapy and
Health Coaching Packages

The Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching package includes the same as the 1-1 Nutritional Therapy package, however the difference between the two, is the Health Coaching support you will receive following the initial session. The Health Coaching sessions break down each step of the nutritional therapy protocol, encouraging and guiding you through these new healthy habits, and sharing how to do so in line with a busy lifestyle. These sessions offer accountability, ongoing education and support, continued discussion and time for questions.

The Health coaching encourages new healthy habits and behaviour change, helping you to implement the recommended dietary additions and supporting positive changes.

Choose from a 6 Session or 8 Session Nutrition and Health Coaching package, including:

  • 90-minute Initial Consultation
  • Detailed nutritional plan, including diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations
  • 45-minute call to discuss nutritional plan and ask any questions
  • A series of 60-minute Health Coaching sessions, guiding you to implement diet and lifestyle recommendations and supporting new healthy habits and behaviour change
  • Regular resources to support progress, including informative handouts linked to your nutritional plan, with meal ideas and recipes
  • 60-minute follow up Nutritional Therapy appointment, to reflect on progress and provide new nutritional recommendations if necessary
  • ‘I learnt so much from my sessions with Anna and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Anna is so knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and the sessions were so relaxed - it's like chatting with a friend! I have already incorporated some of the suggestions into my diet and feel like the small changes are making a big difference. Thank you Anna!’
  • ‘My sessions with Anna have been wonderful and incredibly eye opening. It was amazing to even just get a chance to chat through all my health-related worries and concerns with someone like Anna who is super understanding, a great listener, and an all-round calming presence. I came away equipped with a wealth of knowledge and ideas that I can easily incorporate into my lifestyle to optimise my energy throughout the day. I have noticed a massive difference in my wellbeing and energy levels since my sessions with Anna and can’t wait to book some more.’
  • 'When I first started working with Anna I was at a bit of a cross-roads having just turned my back on WeightWatchers and not really knowing what to do next. I didn’t realise at the time how broad Anna’s experience was and just what topics we would cover together. I now know what a balanced plate looks like nutritionally and the benefits of eating mindfully; I have the information to hand regarding how dietary choices impact gut health, mood, inflammation and menopause. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the recipes…..oooohh the recipes, you should totally check those out! Thanks Anna.'
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