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Over the years I have been lucky enough to host and take part in a variety of wellness events, teaming up with other health professionals to bring workshops based around different areas of wellbeing.

During the events, I talk to guests about a specific health and nutrition topic, answer any questions and also, often provide a nutrient dense meal or snack to fuel and energise participants throughout the workshop.

Event themes have included Balanced Nutrition, Women’s Health, Menopause, Gut Health and Maintaining Positive Energy levels.

Take a look at some of the event pictures to see what we get up to.

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Retreat Catering

Over the last 5 years, I’ve had the pleasure of catering for a variety of health and wellness focussed retreats here in the UK and overseas.

I provide nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for guests over the weekend, along with discussing and sharing the health benefits of each dish. Retreat menus are predominantly plant based, to show case all of the wonderful things we can do with plant foods.

I absolutely love creating new and seasonal dishes, and getting to know the lovely, likeminded attendees.

I have up to date Food Hygiene, Safety and Allergen certificates, and was happy receive a Food Hygiene rating 5 at a recent visit from the Food Standards Agency.

I cater for weekend retreats of up to 12 people, and local events and day retreats.

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Wellbeing at Work

There’s a lot to juggle during a busy working week. In a fast-paced world, with growing to do lists, it’s easy for healthy intentions to take a back seat.

However, prioritising staff wellbeing can lead to a more positive, motivated and productive workforce, able to function at their best.

It’s been great to see that more businesses are prioritising Wellbeing in the Workplace, and over the years I’ve really enjoyed chatting to different companies about how to balance work with healthy habits.

I offer both in person and online sessions, covering topics including:

Positive Nutrition during a Busy Working Week

Discussing tips and tools to prioritise a nutrient dense, energising diet whilst juggling a busy diary.

Stress Management and Rest

With a focus on how our diet and lifestyle choices can help us to better manage stress in the workplace, and the importance of work-life balance.

Women’s Health

Creating a safe space to discuss and learn about menstrual cycle health and menopause, each of which influencing abilities in the workplace.

Food and Mood

Exploring how we can prioritise gut health to influence mood and mental wellbeing, and support productivity in the workplace.

For more information on my Wellbeing at Work packages, feel free to get in touch.

Children and Schools

Before becoming a Nutritionist, I was a primary school teacher for four years. I’m passionate about the fact that a healthy lifestyle starts from a young age, and that what children learn both about nutrition and their bodies can influence their choices and views of themselves and others in the years to come.

I have thoroughly enjoyed running workshops and teaching lessons in schools during my years as a Health Coach. I’ve worked alongside younger children, making healthy snacks and discussing the benefits of eating well and the impact this has on our body and mind.

I've also had the opportunity to chat to a class of girls about body image. We discussed that how we look on the outside, doesn’t necessarily reflect our health on the inside. We agreed that our bodies are amazing, do so much for us every day and that prioritising our health, irrespective of our weight is always a good idea.

As a qualified primary school teacher and early years specialist, I am keen to lead more sessions and workshops with children, to discuss the power of nutrition and the influence it has on our health as a whole.

For more information on how these sessions work, feel free to drop me an email.

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