Snacks & Desserts

24th October 2020

Spiced Squash and Butter Bean Dip

a.k.a Halloween Houmous!
16th September 2020

Frozen Banana Lollipops

A deeelish sweet snack on a sunny day!
4th September 2020

Veggie Crisps

A colourful, healthy snack!
30th August 2020

Berry and Banana Oat Bars

Working as a nutritious snack, or great addition to a healthy balanced breakfast!
23rd August 2020

Homemade Houmous

Super simple houmous recipe, made with only 5 ingredients.
5th August 2020

Nutritious Nutella

Life complete!
4th August 2020

Stuffed Dates

Absolute favourite sweet snack! A must try.
1st June 2020

Black Bean Dip

Filled with fibre, plant based protein and healthy fats - a nutritious, balanced snack!
15th May 2020

Oat Cookies

My favourite lockdown snack, made with only a few ingredients!
12th May 2020

5 Ingredient Banana ‘Nice-cream’

Just as good as the real deal, promise!
11th May 2020

Breakfast Smoothies

Something green, something fruity and something sweet! Smoothies to suit your daily mood!
1st May 2020

Banana Bread

My favourite Banana Bread recipe!
9th April 2020

Salted Caramel Cups

A plant based Easter treat!
20th March 2020

Protein balls two ways

Cacao and Orange or Lemon and Ginger - take your pick!
26th August 2019

Carrot Cake Oat Bars

A perfect 'pick me up'.
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