22nd March 2020

How to stay healthy in 2020!

Follow the link and scroll to page 12 to read my article on working to ditch diet culture and make healthy and sustainable changes throughout 2020.
14th March 2020

I Need My Beauty Sleep..!

Sleep: Why is it important?
29th November 2019

Finding that festive balance…

19th August 2019

Whole Hearted Supper Club

An evening of Yoga & Nutrition combined
24th July 2019

Kid’s Gut Health Workshop

There's a zoo in my poo, what should I do?
12th July 2019

Healthy Holidays

‘Are you bikini body ready?’ If you have a bikini, and you have a body, you are ready!
30th June 2019

Whole Hearted Retreat

June 2019
13th June 2019

Speed Health Workshop

Speed date your health...
29th May 2019

World Digestive Health Day

On World Digestive Health Day 2019, discover the impact taking care of your gut has on your overall health and wellbeing.
18th May 2019

Eat More Plants

Discover the impact consuming more fruits and vegetables has on your overall health.
1st May 2019

Holistic Health – The Whole Picture

Looking at health holistically.
12th April 2019

Holistic Health & Wellness Podcast

Talking all things wellness with Emmaline Tsui.
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