27th July 2022

Eight Weeks of Wellness

Join me on a journey to make health a main priority.
19th April 2022

Gut Health to Whole Health

Yoga and Wellness Retreat Day 11th June
8th April 2022

Manchester Half Marathon

On 22nd May, in order to raise money for Ukraine.
27th March 2021

Language is everything!

Open Up Magazine: How do you speak to or about yourself?
13th November 2020

Winter Wellness

Winter Wellness - Open Up Magazine 2020
29th August 2020

Open Up Magazine: A Nutritious New Start

Read my latest article in Open Up Magazine for healthy and convenient meal ideas, perfect for heading back to work!
14th August 2020

The Swear w*rds of Wellness

Language is everything!
17th July 2020

Wellness Booster Classes

Learn more about a certain area of your health with my Wellness Booster Classes.
23rd June 2020

Learning to Rest

As normality creeps back in and we begin to pick up the pace again - discover how to slow down whilst speeding up!
29th May 2020

A Good Gut Guide

Discover the impact a healthy gut has on our overall health and wellbeing.
6th May 2020

Coping with Corona: Open Up Mag

How can we prioritise our health and wellness at times of uncertainty?
30th April 2020

How to Stress, Less!

Discover the impact chronic stress has on our overall health and learn ways in which you can manage it more effectively.
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