Welcome to Wellness with Anna Whyte

The ‘Wellness with Anna’ philosophy focuses on taking balanced and holistic approach to health. Often, the tools needed to make a lasting change are already in your toolbox. Join me on a journey of self discovery, to explore some of the ways in which you can prioritise your health both physically and mentally.


What to expect

A Health Coach is a supportive wellness mentor who can help you to take control of your health and feel your best by guiding you to make any diet and lifestyle choices that suit your individual needs. As well as promoting a healthy diet, as a Holistic Health Coach, I consider the other areas of your life that may play a part in your health choices and help you to manage these areas more effectively, working to balance out those imbalances and enliven the happiest and healthiest version of you.

We work together to create a unique wellness programme which is personalised to your individual health goals. Some of the things I can help with are:

- Dietary choices

- Stress Management

-The Importance of Rest and Self Care

-Maintaining Healthy Relationships

There is no end date to a healthy lifestyle. No restriction, just nourishment. If you would like some support and motivation to reach your wellness goals, feel free to get in touch!

  • "Anna has become a friend as well as a Health Coach. I have looked at aspects of my life which I hadn’t realised go hand in hand with diet, nutrition and health. Being more mindful, having time out for myself and not judging myself at every turn for not being good enough."
  • "My whole attitude has changed and I am now consciously approaching all areas of health. I now know where the gaps are and understand what impact, either way, a decision may have on my wellbeing."
  • "Using Anna’s techniques, I am now sleeping much better and longer than before. Life changer."

About Me

I have always been interested in food and nutrition. In the past, I believed that being healthy was based solely around the food that we eat alongside how much exercise we do and nothing more. Although nutrition and health was a huge passion for me, I had always wanted to work with children so went to university and studied to become a teacher.

I loved my teaching job, however with it came pressure, stress and an ongoing to do list! I would find myself working every evening, weekend and through the holidays to satisfy the perfectionist in me and get the job done. As I continued through my fourth year of teaching I began to realise how burnt out and stressed this non-stop lifestyle was making me. I ate well and exercised regularly, so at the time, to me, I was ‘being healthy’, however I was not nourishing my body with what it needed. I was accidently under eating and over exercising alongside working every hour - my lifestyle was not a healthy one.

I decided to have a break from teaching and follow my passion in health and nutrition. I found a course which not only focussed on nutrition related to food but also the other areas to consider when working to achieve optimal health.

I soon realised that there is more to healthy living than solely what we eat. Our lifestyle factors can play a huge part too.

Now, as a Health Coach, I work to guide my clients to make positive and sustainable changes that will support them on their journey to their healthiest and happiest.

If you have any questions, or would like to book a consultation, please send me an email or feel free to call.

Tel: 07702824665

e-mail: info@wellnesswithanna.co.uk

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